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Updated: Jan 2

Hello, everyone! It's nice to formally meet you. My name's Maura, and I'm the creator of Moxie. Educating others about historical women has been a passion of mine for some time now. I firmly believe that the more we know about the women who came before us, the more inspired we can be to create our own paths. However, I noticed many sources would praise these women for their brains OR their beauty. Some would even talk about these qualities as if they were mutually exclusive. I wanted to make sure that those I informed knew that not only can beauty and brains go hand-in-hand, but that they make an extremely formidable team. So, I decided to build my business on education through bath and beauty products.

A bit more about where my love for historical women began. Picture a thirteen-year-old girl clutching an Audrey Hepburn themed lunch box tightly in hand. It's her first day at a new school and, frankly, it's her and Audrey against the world. That lunch box started it all for me. I carried it to school every day, and looking at Audrey in her iconic black dress would remind me that I had what it took to face the day. I realized quickly the power that having a tangible reminder of a role model could make all the difference. That school year did not go well, but I still have that lunch box, and I still have that piece of wisdom.

Years later, I decided to act on it. My biggest hope is that when you use my products, you will also have a reminder that you have what it takes in so many different ways. Each of the women I feature faced incredible challenges, had amazing triumphs, and were incredibly human. They had, just like you do today, a whole lot of Moxie.

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