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I wanted to start a short series explaining the process of development I went through when creating the first wave of products. The first spotlight will be Sappho's Sandalwood-Rose Soap!

What's Inside?

Firstly, I'd like to tell you what comes inside an order of this soap. Each $10 order comes with two large soaps, four little ones, and a collectible info card on Sappho. All the soaps are hand-painted with gold mica (a very interesting technique I learned during the development process.)

Sappho's Sandalwood-Rose Soap

#Sappho inspired this soap hand-painted with gold mica through her poetry. A common belief about Sappho is that she only wrote about women. However, when doing my research for this product, I discovered that she actually wrote romantically about both men and women. Immediately this prompted me to think about having a soap with two distinct notes to represent this. Two main components were left: the shape of the soap, and what exactly those notes would be. I started brainstorming scents that are commonly used in men's bath and body products and, overwhelmingly, sandalwood was the answer. The rose scent actually stemmed (ha ha) from the only fully intact poem of Sappho's: a hymn to Aphrodite. Roses are sacred to her, so that solved both the shape and final note. After making the first round of test soaps, I discovered that a bit of "pizzaz" was missing from the product. So I did a whole bunch of research into interesting techniques to give soap a little flair. I discovered a method of painting with mica powder that would safely give the product exactly what it needed to shine.

I really hope you enjoyed this first look into the development process behind Moxie's products. If you did, consider following us on social media or entering your info on the "stay connected" tab on the Moxie website. That way you'll be the first to know about new products, blog posts, and anything we get up to. Additionally, if you want to get your own order of Sappho's product, I've linked her page to the button below.

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