Product Backstories - Zelda Fitzgerald

For the second subject in this series, I'll be talking about how I developed a product for Zelda Fitzgerald.

What's Inside

Before going into the history of the product, I'd like to quickly tell you abut what comes with an order of Zelda's product. Each $6 order comes with six soap scrub cubes, and a collectible info card on Zelda Fitzgerald.

Zelda Fitzgerald's Mint Julep Scrubs

For each product, the process remains largely the same in the beginning as well as the end. I start by doing as much research on the subject as I possibly can. This involves taking pages of notes on the life, accomplishments, influence, and personality of the woman. Most importantly, I gather a lesson. What can we learn from her? Every so often, however, I find a subject where there seems to be a hyper-fixation on one part of her life and no other. This is exactly what happened with Zelda.

While learning about Zelda Sayre Fitzgerald, I heard a lot of talk about her marriage, her mental health, her larger than life personality. This made me incredibly curious. Yes, Zelda's latter life is riddled with drama and tragedy. Yes, it makes for an exciting story. The thing is, focusing solely on that portion leaves many questions. One in particular kept grabbing my attention. "Who was Zelda before she was a Fitzgerald? What was Zelda Sayre like?" I was determined to find out.

Keeping it brief, Zelda grew up in the south as a young woman I can only describe as vividly herself. She did her own thing, no matter which direction the grain ran. She was lively, and filled those around her with a similar energetic spirit. She was accomplished in her own right and in many ways. The only thing I will say in reference to her latter life is that now, knowing the spirit of the young Zelda, it hurts so much more to know how that spirit suffered.

So, that left me with three things I wanted to incorporate into Zelda's product:

- Something energizing

- Something to do with the American south

- Something that goes "against the grain"

That energy ended up taking its form in a mint scent. That mint scent developed into a mint julep theme to represent both the south and the upbeat theme. As for going against the grain? I instantly knew it needed to be a scrub of some kind. Soap scrub cubes were a fun and different way of presenting that type of product that I had never experimented with. So, naturally I went for it. After a bit of experimenting with recipes and methods, I had the one I wanted.

The moment I knew that I had captured the story I wanted was after I held that version of the product for the first time. I turned the cube around in my hands, traced the swirls on top, felt the sugar granules mixed with the hardened soap. I took a deep breath in. The mint scent was just powerful enough that I instantly felt more awake after smelling it. So I smiled. Everything had finally come together just right. It was time to tell her tale.

Firstly, if this brief glimpse into Zelda's life fascinated you, I hope you'll consider purchasing her product. Our items are made by the order, so you can rest assured they are both made fresh and lovingly. Additionally, as I said before, each order comes with a collectible info card on Zelda

that is perfect for giving an overview into her life. The button below will take you straight to her product's page.

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